Chris Keenan (born 1960) is a notable maker of domestic porcelain, his work unpretentious and direct. Keenan, who was apprenticed to Edmund de Waal, is a good designer, a maker of refreshingly unfussy table pieces that are crisply thrown and glazed in reflective deep tenmokus and soft celadons, sometimes minimally decorated. Porcelain is enjoyed for its robust practical qualities, much as one would treat stoneware, but with a clear purity and luminosity of its own. Keenan, whose work includes bowls of various size, beakers, cups, teapots, jugs and cylinders, turned to pottery after many years as an actor. His pots are a particular delight in groups, a conversation of complimentary  forms and colours that create their own visual rhythms. Keenan’s studio is in Camberwell, south London.

David Whiting