Geoffrey Whiting (1919 -1988) was born in Northumberland and studied at Birmingham School of Architecture, his training interrupted by war service in Burma and in India, where his childhood interest in pottery was revived when he met and worked with a family of outcast potters near Delhi. He established Avoncroft Pottery in Worcestershire in 1949, making slipware and stoneware. Avoncroft was relocated to nearby Hampton Lovett six years later, where he made individual stoneware pieces and tablewares, the most notable items of which were his widely admired teapots which Bernard Leach thought “amongst the finest ever made”. Whiting moved the workshop to Canterbury in 1972 where he continued to combine teaching and potting, producing richly glazed incised and brush decorated tea bowls, bottles and jars, some of this output in porcelain.

David Whiting