Katharine Pleydell-Bouverie’s bottles and bowls are one of the quietest and loveliest expressions of the modern potter’s art. Pleydell-Bouverie, or simply ‘Beano’ as she was affectionately known to many, was an early student at the Leach Pottery, St Ives, and from the outset her style synthesised the influence of Far Eastern pottery with an understated sense of the English landscape, its colours and textures. She was a pioneer of locally-sourced ash glazes, their sensitive greens, greys and creams often gently crackled, perhaps combined with fluting and incising. The language was economic, Pleydell-Bouverie happy to evoke the simplicity of rounded stones and softly coloured mosses. Pleydell-Bouverie (1895-1985) worked initially at Coleshill in Berkshire, and latterly had a workshop at Kilmington Manor in Wiltshire.

David Whiting