SAKE / 5 NOV - 22 DEC 2017


BOXES / 20 OCT - 22 DEC 2017

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BODIL MANZ / 23 SEPT - 14 OCT 2017


LOST & FOUND / 15 AUG - 18 SEPT 2017

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Cardew & His Pupils / 13 May - 17 Jun

Figures in Clay / Apr - May 2017

Black & White / Jan - Mar 2017

Re-naturing the vessel: Julian Stair & Simone ten Hompel / 16 Nov - 23 Dec 2016

Autumn Show: 20th Century Masterworks / 10 Sept


Moon Jar / 28 July - 3 Sept

Valuation Day / July 2016

Sutton Taylor / June - July 2016

Anne Floche / May - June 2016

Hans Vangso / April - May 2016

Rafa Perez / March - April 2016

Mo Jupp / February - March 2016

Bernard Leach & Shoji Hamada / October - November 2015

Philip Eglin / Slipping the Trail / September - October 2015

From Japan / July - August 2015

During the summer of 2015 Oxford Ceramics Gallery exhibited a range of works from Japan. This exhibition accompanied a talk by Robert Yellin.

'Breaking Molds: Potters of Japan that Expand on Traditions'

Traditional pottery in Japan has a rich and long history,
starting with vessels for daily usage, which morphed into Tea wares, and
then some became purely non-functional sculpture objects. Long-time
Japan resident and noted writer-gallerist Robert Yellin will offer a
look at how tradition is expanding and who some of the main artists are
who are breaking the mold.

Rupert Spira / A Life in Ceramics / May - June 2015


Rupert Spira holds a unique place in the development of contemporary ceramics. This major retrospective brings together outstanding pieces from every stage of Spira's career, largely drawn from his own collection. It is on show from 9 May to 14 June at Oxford Ceramics Gallery, 29 Walton Street, Oxford.

The exhibition is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue and the majority of works are available for sale. Please contact the gallery for more details:
To mark the launch of the exhibition Rupert Spira will be giving a talk about his work, ideas and philosophy at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, on 9 May 2015, 2-4pm. Tickets will be available to purchase at the door, on the day of the event.

EXHIBITION: 9th May - 14th June 2015, PRIVATE VIEW: 4-6pm, Saturday 9th May

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Akiko Hirai and Joe Hogan / February 2015

The work of Akiko Hirai is a fusion of Japanese and British ceramic traditions. This exhibition ranges from her tactile domestic pieces - carved and faceted tea pots, tea bowls, sake bottles and vases - to her slender bottle forms grouped together to create serene still-life compositions. At the heart of the exhibition, however, are her monumental moon jars, rounded and generous in form, with thick volcanic glazes streaming down the sides or encrusted on the surface.
Akiko uses a dark, coarse clay for much of her work, with a matt white glaze that acts as a veil. Once fired, the chemical impurities of the underlying clay create subtle, often unpredictable, areas of colour and shade that can be glimpsed through the whiteness. She welcomes the sense of ambiguity this produces. In form her vessels are strong, simple and assured.

Basketmaker Joe Hogan is strongly influenced by the landscape of Loch na Fooey in County Galway, where he lives and works. His robust, sculptural pieces are woven from native willow, and often incorporate twisted bog wood, birch, ash or holly wood, locally sourced. The form of his baskets, pods and pouches is often determined by the lines of the wood, which - gnarled and contorted - provides a powerful contrast to the smooth regularity of the woven willow.
The work on show in this exhibition demonstrates the physicality and raw beauty of Joe's work, which exploits the expressive potential of his medium to the full.