Poh Chap Yeap (1927-2007) was born in in Malaysia, to Chinese parentage, and came to England in 1948, where he studied ceramics at Hammersmith College of Art, and then the Royal College of Art as a research student from 1967-8. Yeap was a technically brilliant potter in the oriental tradition who enlivened the spirit of classical Chinese forms (Song ware onwards) and glazes through a very personal language of his own. Bottles, dishes, bowls, plates and other vessels with superb tenmoku, ash, celadon and crackle glazes had a great sense of inner life. Based in Surrey, he retired from potting in 1985, having produced a body of remarkable work in only just a decade. He became one of Britain’s best known potters in this period, but he is a largely forgotten figure now, his artistry deserving of major reassessment. The pots here are typical of his precision and restraint, exquisite reinventions of the 'Song standard'.

David Whiting