Daniel Fisher

Daniel Fisher (b. 1973) studied ceramics at Camberwell College of Arts and the Royal College of Art. His beautiful bowls in porcelain and stoneware, thrown and manipulated, have a powerful vertical energy, combining the synergies of the wheel with hand-building. These pots stretch and tease out the material into objects that express a crisp and taut ethereality. The porcelain has a rich and luminous translucence; Fisher’s vessels become lanterns of light, with areas of clay of varied thickness combining to create their own surface rhythms. One may be reminded of the earliest vessels, or organic structures in nature.

Fisher came to prominence two decades ago, and happily after an interval of several years is back to making again. His pots have added something unique to the vocabulary of the material, giving it a fresh physicality, and revealing again its structural complexities, and much about its mysteries. Fisher lives and works in Gloucestershire.

David Whiting