Alan Caiger Smith

Alan Caiger-Smith (born 1930) is the father of British studio lustre-ware, having pioneered its techniques through his own practice, his writing and teaching. He developed his own very modern interpretation of an ancient decorative language, helping to give it a fresh voice in the later 20th century. Caiger-Smith was born in Buenos Airies and studied at Camberwell, Cambridge University and the Central School. He established Aldermaston Pottery in Berkshire in 1955 (and which ran over 50 years), where he began to experiment with tin glaze and lustres. His scholarly knowledge of Hispano-Moresque ceramic traditions is without equal, his assured calligraphic brushwork and iridescent colouration giving movement to form and surface, and adding a decorative exuberance to everyday life. His pots are amongst the signature pots of post-war British craft.

David Whiting