SLIPWARE : OCG at Fen Ditton Gallery

8 April - 1 May 2022

'I want to acknowledge the tradition of slipware whilst at the same time attempt to revitalise and invigorate it for the present'  

Philip Eglin

Clive Bowen

Dylan Bowen

Michael Cardew

Philip Eglin

Sam Haile

Shoji Hamada

Bernard Leach

William Newland 


Oxford Ceramics Gallery is delighted to announce a new venue for our Slipware show, organised in collaboration with Fen Ditton Gallery and with the support of Amanda Game.    


Slipware was first launched at our Oxford gallery in 2021 but is now being re-imagined, with some new additions, for the beautiful spaces at Fen Ditton Gallery.   As Amanda says: ‘As somebody with strong links to both galleries, and a keen interest in modern ceramics, it felt exciting to show the exhibition in Fen Ditton near museums such as the Fitzwilliam which has outstanding collections in the area and a strong commitment to contemporary ceramics.’     


James Fordham adds ‘we are delighted to have this opportunity to show these wonderful works by 3 generations of artists to our many, Cambridge-based supporters and to build on our occasional connection to Fen Ditton through Amanda.   We enjoy Fen Ditton’s commitment to many different forms of contemporary work and their focus, through the work of Gallery Manager, Hannah Munby, on building links to the next generation of collectors.   We look forward to bringing some fine ceramics to this new setting’.  

Open 11am-4pm, Fri, Sat & Sun (8Apr - 1 May)