Hans Vangsø

Solo exhibition 2021

We are delighted to present latest works from Danish maker Hans Vangsø.

The pots are about a confident interaction of influence, and of clay, glaze and fire at their most directly expressive. The pots may nod to the Far East, but are made of Danish and German clays, and have more than a strong sense of their own landscape (Mols, the Jutland peninsula where Vangsø lives, is a wild undulating area that abuts the Kattegat sea). Flared and straight-sided teabowls and big round jars carry a distinctly Japanese provenance, but many of his simple cylinders and smaller jars, some of which are squared-off, cut-sided or fluted, are inherently Danish in form.


David Whiting, 2013




Not able to visit our space in Oxford? We can offer a personal video tour of the exhibition - email us for further information. 

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