On the Table

6 November - 22 December 2021

Rob Barnard

Richard Batterham

Alison Britton

Simon Carroll 

Shoji Hamada

Maria Hanson & Chris Knight

Gwyn Hanssen Pigott

Simone ten Hompel

David Huycke

Walter Keeler

Grant McCaig

Jim Partridge & Liz Walmsley

Lucie Rie

Giles Round

Rupert Spira

Julian Stair

 Adi Toch 

Edmund de Waal

Yusuke Yamamoto 


'So much of the history of the forms of both ceramics and metalwork emerges from the world of everyday objects and, however sculptural or experimental vessel forms have become through time, that ancestry is never far from view. By re-setting the inerior of the upper gallery as a domestic space, housing a display of practical but beautiful objects Oxford Ceramics Gallery will be celebrating those origins in the company of some masters of both form and function in this exhibition'. 

Amanda Game, 2021.